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Welcome to the Beginner’s Garden Podcast! This is the podcast with easy-to-understand resources, tips, and information to help beginning gardeners get the most out of their gardening adventure — big or small.

Oct 29, 2019

What comes to mind when you hear the phrase, crop rotation? Maybe it's something you think you have a basic understanding of, but when it comes to actually putting it into practice in your garden, you come up with more questions than answers.

Is it necessary to rotate your crops from year to year, especially if you grow in a small space? Do all crops need rotation? What does it mean to rotate by plant families, and how are you supposed to know which plants are in which families anyway? What if your garden consists of more of one plant family than another? What about companion planting and succession planting with crop rotation?

I have to be honest -- at this point I usually throw my hands in the air wondering how I'll ever figure out this impossible puzzle.

If you've ever wondered any of those things, in this episode of the Beginner's Garden Podcast, we'll talk about crop rotation at a non-phD agricultural level.

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