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Welcome to the Beginner’s Garden Podcast! This is the podcast with easy-to-understand resources, tips, and information to help beginning gardeners get the most out of their gardening adventure — big or small.

Dec 10, 2019

How does a garden that requires minimal input and maximum harvest sound to you? Instead of you working for it, your garden works for you. It's almost like the garden runs on autopilot. Sounds too good to be true, right?

Not according to MI Gardener's Luke Marion. Luke spends 15 minutes a WEEK in his 5,000 sq ft garden, outside of the busy planting time. So, how does he do it?

Luke shares his methods in his book, The AutoPilot Garden, but in today's post and episode on the Beginner's Garden Podcast, he gives a bit of insight into some of the primary methods he has put in place in his garden: core gardening and high-intensity spacing.



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The Autopilot Garden by Luke Marion:


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