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Welcome to the Beginner’s Garden Podcast! This is the podcast with easy-to-understand resources, tips, and information to help beginning gardeners get the most out of their gardening adventure — big or small.

Jan 17, 2017

The other day I walked out in my garden. The flat, clean garden space had me dreaming about all the garden possibilities. In the middle of January, it's easy to forget the importance of weed control.

But you do not want weeds to take over in your garden, and without proper planning, that's what will happen. Although I haven't conquered the weeds in my garden, I have found that in the areas where I am proactive, I have fewer problems with them. And understand, weed control isn't just about making your garden look pretty. When weeds aren't kept in check, they stifle the growth of your crops. I learned that the hard way last year.

In this episode of the Beginner's Garden Podcast, I talk about the benefits and drawbacks of 4 popular types of mulch:

  • Wood Chips
  • Hay
  • Straw
  • Pine Needles

I have used all 4 types of mulch. One is my favorite, but I also talk about how some experts say you shouldn't use it at all and why.

I also go over other weed control methods, such as:

  • Cover Crops
  • Mowing/tilling between rows
  • Compost
  • Implements
  • Hand-Weeding
  • Herbicides

By the end of today's podcast you will have a good handle on your weed control options, and understanding the benefits and drawbacks of each method will help you choose which ones will be best for your garden.