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Welcome to the Beginner’s Garden Podcast! This is the podcast with easy-to-understand resources, tips, and information to help beginning gardeners get the most out of their gardening adventure — big or small.

Apr 24, 2017

After I learned from some key mistakes and took simple steps to overcome the challenges I faced, corn became one of the most rewarding crops I grow.

In this episode of the Beginner's Garden Podcast, my goal is to help YOU skip the mistakes I made and go straight to reaping the benefit of a wonderful corn harvest. I talk about:

  • How much corn you need to plant for a good harvest.
  • Genetically Modified Organisms (GMOs) and how growing your own corn will help you avoid them.
  • The differences between hybrid and GMO seed.
  • What type of corn I've had the most success with.
  • How to prepare your soil for planting.
  • My biggest corn growing challenge and how I overcame it.
  • How to know when your corn is ready to harvest.
  • Two other problems I've had and how I overcame them.

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